The items in our shop are specially curated for performance, minimalism and effectiveness. Here you will find equipment that we recommend to our most high performing clients. 

Whether you are busier than ever saving the world, or find yourself with more time on your hands than ever before, we've got your health, nutrition and fitness product needs covered.

Our products optimize results from functional training at-home workouts, training sessions with your trainer and help support you with your favourite group classes. They are the best products that  support for any weight loss or performance goals you have.

With over 17 years experience working with top international athletes, doctors, Fortune 500 CEOs, Moms, Dads, students and clients suffering from various health issues, these products and this equipment is what we prefer and what is the best. 

Our philosophy is "hippie" meets "high performance".

Hippie = locally sourced when possible, organic or at least all natural with no fillers or chemicals. And, we only carry what is necessary (we don't carry a ton of product). With our coaching we are hippie in that we believe in strong basics - mastering basic movements, eating whole foods and engaging in basic mental toughness.

High Performance = appropriate for a high level athlete which means the best absorbability, research to support its' effectiveness, and top quality materials. With our coaching this means we treat your programming as if you're going for the Olympics - you get a potent product, we don't dilute our training process just because you are "normal". You're not normal to us, you're unique!